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Performance Testimonials

Lesli Margherita

"I loved that his riffs didn't feel like riffs. It felt like they were coming out of him. There's just not a wrong note, ever. It's so beautiful. So stunning and so heartfelt."

Kate Rockwell

"He has a mastery of his instrument that is both technical and also artistic. He has an art to the way he uses his voice, and I am powerless against it."

Courtney Reed

"I am floored by this God given talent that he has. It is just a gift. It is so easy for him to sing. It is so easy for him to give a genuine, stunning performance."


"I wanted to take a ladle and scoop out all the butter from his voice while he was singing. I can moisturize my entire existence. How dare that voice come out of him."

Derek Klena

"He sings with such heart. He's such a beautiful soul. So open and honest. Beautifully sung, beautifully acted. Beautiful performance."

Andy Karl

"Absolutely beautiful voice. He has so much control"

She Loves Me

"Steven Klenk was a standout as Sipos, bringing a wry sense of humor and fatherly affection to the role" - "She Loves Me" Review, Lily Bryson, The Decaturian 2021

Broadway World

"Broadway's Kate Rockwell has teamed up with Next on Stage season 1 college finalist Steven Klenk to perform Rewrite the Stars from The Greatest Showman! The track was mixed by Punch Full Productions."

"Steven Klenk sees theatre as the 'Epitome of Living in the Moment' - Next On Stage

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